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Are you looking for Winter Check for your vehicle?

It is imperative to opt for an overall car check before winter arrives. The freezing winter temperatures can lead to malfunctioning vehicle components. Moreover, the dense fog and snowfall during the months can cause several on-road challenges.

A timely winter check will help detect faulty components (if any) so that you get enough time for repair and replacements to make your vehicle winter-ready.

At Quick Tyres Ltd., we offer professional winter check Liverpool to offer you an uncompromised driving experience. Our experts use cutting-edge tools to examine the vehicle components closely and suggest necessary solutions without exhausting your budget.

Want to conclude your “winter check near me” searches with us? Please reach our garage at Knowsley Industrial Estate, Unit 4 Rowehill Business Centre, Lees Rd, Liverpool L33 7AA. We are open from Monday to Saturday.

What’s Included In Our Winter Check Liverpool?

We inspect the following vehicle components thoroughly while conducting winter check:


It is crucial to install the right set of winter tyres with a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm during winters. So, we inspect if your car tyres meet these requirements or not. Moreover, we check for other damages or defects and suggest tyre replacement if required.

Engine Oil Level

Engine oil plays a crucial role in maintaining your vehicle's engine performance. Using burnt engine oil can reduce your car's fuel efficiency and cause engine damage. So, we inspect if your car's engine requires top-up as per the manufacturer's recommendation.

Coolant And Antifreeze Inspection

The antifreeze and coolant ratio should be 50:50 to maintain optimum engine performance. During our winter check Liverpool, we will inspect if your vehicle maintains this ratio appropriately. Upon detecting any fault, we will top up the coolant and antifreeze levels as per the manufacturer's recommendations.

Here are some more components that we also inspect:

  • Battery
  • Windscreen And Wiper Blades
  • Braking System, and more.

If you want to experience a safe and comfortable driving experience during the harsh winter months, contact us for a professional winter check Liverpool.

Note: We also accept online bookings.

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