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Are you looking for TPMS Reprogramming for your vehicle?

As per UK Government’s mandates, automobiles manufactured after 2014 must come with a TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System).

This system consists of sensors that help monitor the air pressure of car tyres and provide information on the existing level. So, if the tyre pressure falls below 25% of its recommended level, the TPMS sensor alerts you by blinking the warning light on the dashboard.

However, there might be instances when your car’s TPMS sensors do not function optimally.

For this reason, you should also regularly check your car’s tyre pressure and not depend on the TPMS alone.

In such cases, you should get proper TPMS servicing and replacement solutions from a professional workshop like us - Quick Tyres .

Who are we?

We are a reliable vehicle service centre offering TPMS sensor replacement at affordable rates. Our technicians conduct TPMS checks and replacements by implementing modern techniques and tools. They will thoroughly check the sensors and find any issues. In case a replacement is necessary, we can offer reliable solutions.

Please note: TPMS sensors cannot be repaired. So, in case of any fault or damages, they must be replaced.

Why do you need TPMS replacement ?

Although there are several DIY videos on the internet showing how to replace your car’s TPMS sensors, you should consult with an expert. Replacing your vehicle’s TPMS sensors is an intricate process requiring the necessary expertise and sophisticated tools for accuracy.

What are the causes of malfunctioning TPMS sensors?

Apart from normal wear and tear over the years, several other factors can affect your car’s TPMS sensors. Some other causes of TPMS sensor failure are:


Ideally, manufacturers install TPMS sensors on pure aluminium stem valves. However, due to exposure to dust and impurities, these valves can oxidise and eventually rust.

Dying TPMS Batteries

Your car’s TPMS batteries can drain out in due time and the sensors fail to perform optimally.

So, if you notice any warning signs of TPMS malfunctioning, please feel free to contact us instead of searching for “TPMS replacement near me”.

Before seeking our services, you might be interested to know about the different TPMS types available.

Types of TPMS

Generally, there are two types of TPMS available:

Indirect TPMS

To identify discrepancies, the ECU gathers real-time data from the AMB sensors. It confirms the actual tyre pressure and notifies wheel revolutions, stopping distances etc. The ECU light blinks on the dashboard only if the pressure dips 25% below the recommended level.

Direct TPMS

Installed to car wheels, the direct TPMS sensors transmit real-time information of tyre pressure levels to the ECU. It also turns the ECU light on if the pressure level falls below 25%.

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