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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?

Are you stuck somewhere with a flat tyre in and around Liverpool? Then, contact us - Quick Tyres Ltd. located at Knowsley Industrial Estate, Unit 4 Rowehill Business Centre, Lees Rd, Liverpool L33 7AA for a quick puncture repair Liverpool at affordable prices.

Our experts possess years of hands-on experience in offering prompt services courtesy of best-in-class tools. Furthermore, they employ industry-best practices while repairing damaged tyres to ensure efficient services as per your requirements. Our technicians will get your car back on the road without much turnaround time.

Our Puncture Repair Guidelines

Being a professional garage, we follow standard BS AU 159 guidelines while conducting puncture repair services Liverpool. As a result, we offer this service only when your car’s damaged tyre meets the following criteria:

  • No internal or external bulges on the tyre
  • 6mm or less puncture diameter
  • No visible damage on the tyre beads
  • Minimum tread depth of 1.6mm
  • No major damage on the treads, carcass, or sidewalls
  • No tyre damage due to fluid leakage or corrosion
  • No repair has been carried out previously, using a DIY kit

Please note: The repair of Run-fla tyres is also not recommended as once used without air pressure, it changes its structure.

If your car’s tyre does not meet these guidelines, we cannot repair the puncture. Your safety is our absolute priority! In such cases, we recommend a tyre replacement to ensure optimum on-road safety.

Is it an emergency?

Don’t worry - you can call us out of hours on 0151 459 4041 for an emergency callout service between 5 pm and 8 am.

Otherwise, you can book our regular mobile tyre service or bring the damaged tyre to us.

Our Puncture Repair Procedure

Are you still wondering why you should consider us for your “puncture repair near me” searches? Here’s why!

Check out our repairing techniques and then decide on booking us for puncture repair Liverpool. We practice the following methods to repair flat tyres depending on the severity of the damage:


We insert a rubber or latex-made plug into the tyre to seal the punctured area.


In this method, we patch the area with a piece of rubber. We use adhesive on the back of the rubber piece to stick it in the damaged area.

Plugging and Patching

This is a combination of both the methods mentioned above.

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We are available from Monday to Saturday.

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