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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?

It is essential to opt for a comprehensive summer check to make your car summer-ready. This inspection ensures that your vehicle is all set to face the challenges of summer road conditions. At Quick Tyres Ltd., stationed at Knowsley Industrial Estate, Unit 4 Rowehill Business Centre, Lees Rd, Liverpool L33 7AA we offer professional summer check Liverpool to ensure uncompromised safety and driving efficiency.

Our all-inclusive summer check service is available for a wide range of car segments. We conduct a thorough inspection of the following car components using cutting-edge tools and techniques:

Battery Check

With the changing temperature, your car battery may start malfunctioning. Therefore, we inspect the battery components like cables, terminals, charging systems, wires, etc. We also look for corrosion and fluid leakage and suggest a replacement upon detecting any major issues.


We check if your car is installed with the right set of summer- or all-season tyres. Additionally, we also ensure your car’s tyres have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. Moreover, we will check for damages and cuts etc. We will certainly also have a look at the spare tyre.

In case a replacement is needed, we will be happy to help. We stock a massive range of summer- and all-season tyres from premium, mid-range and budget brands across multiple sizes and in run-flat, performance and 4X4 variants.


A functional air conditioner is one of the crucial requirements during the summer months. So, we will check if the condenser, evaporator, and compressor of your vehicle's AC are in proper condition. Upon detecting any such issue, we will advise replace the faulty components with OE-grade spares. We also top-up the refrigerant level if it is below the optimum level.

That is not all!

Our summer check Liverpool also includes the following:

  • Wiper Blade And Windscreen Checks
  • Inspection Of Engine Oil
  • Electrical Components Inspection, etc.

So, if you are searching for a professional “summer check near me”, we are your go-to destination.

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